Jabber Certificates Updated

Hello folks,

Edit: This has been superseded by newer certs.

all of you who are using the XMPP Server might have been greeted today with a “certificate changed” message. I just uploaded signed certificates from our certificate authority. If you installed the certificate authority in your system, then the transition should have been transient.

Depending on the TLS method you are connecting, here are the fingerprints for rsa and dsa certificates:

alpha-labs.net_rsa, 21-Mar-2014, 
Certificate fingerprint (MD5): F0:F4:FD:F9:F8:59:4F:F7:31:88:16:98:98:1D:32:22

alpha-labs.net_dsa, 21-Mar-2014, 
Certificate fingerprint (MD5): A6:54:39:89:B5:7E:13:1E:1D:9F:B3:6C:CC:05:AF:64

This might be a good time to just import the certificate-authority. If not, you have to import the certificate every year again.


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