Hey folks,

most of you know Atlassian, makers of fine software such as Jira or Confluence. They are in the business of creating tools for companies to manage their programming workflow.

Jira is mostly used for process management and agile development. You create a incident, bug report or an agile Story and you follow this incident throughout the process of its lifetime. It’s awesome. I am using this even for my private things like managing my list of todos. Heck, even my wife has joined in and submits “life bug reports”. Yeah, that garden needs the weeds done, I get it.

I also like to document my personal stuff with confluence. Documenting stuff really can be fun! My wife also likes to write down recipes. And you can link the applications together, so that they become super-integrated. Yeah, I am a big fan!

I would use it for – to manage the team, bugs and all that, but there is a downside to the beauty. It’s not freeware (and this piece of software sure does deserve the odd time). Given the fact that the target user are companies, their licensing models scale up in the thousands, so that’s a no-go for freebies like me.

There is one ray of hope, tho. They are offering a community license to verified individials that are non profit.  I applied for such a license, pointed out all the good things we’re doing and got a reply:


Thank you for your recent community license application.
Please allow ten to fourteen days for your community license application to be processed. We’ll be in touch via email.

I am totally eager to await their response. With that software, especially that confluence license, I can finally make that public Howto-Forge I always wanted. And document the entire server. Lots of work, if approved.

Everyone keep their respective fingers crossed!

Update 05th July: We got accepted! More details later!

Go Atlassian! \o/



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