Welcome to the! is a privately run and funded server project, originating in 2001. I always resented the idea that everything on the Internet had to cost something, you had to pay for it. Money mainly, of course, but also your personal information. I also resent the idea that we, the users, have to bow down to the will of the corporations (here: internet service providers). Only check your mails every 15 minutes, quota on disk space, traffic limit, limitations on available software… ugh!

When I started my project back in 2001 everyone was trying to convince me that it is impossible or even useless to provide free services. Because no one else does it. Well, over 10 years later I can say: I did it. And I am glad I did.

I learned so much about computing, Linux, FreeBSD, services and debugging in those years than I could have from any other method. Not only did I got a good job, but I did get it without any official training in that field.

And the users? From 2001 on I made tons of people happy, be it local users with their webspace and email (all without quota), Players on the many gaming platfoms, people using jabber… and all that without paying a single dime – or bit of information.

This is alpha-labs.