Hardware – History

From the humble beginnings in 2001 to the present – alpha-labs.net was always evolving, meeting the current power needs. Looking back, a smile does come up.

Generation I.
The first generation was a single-core, 32bit Celeron with 1gb ram a single 40gb hdd and a bandwidth limit of 2000gb per month. It had a whooping 10Mbit connection and absolutely no redundancy. The first I ran SuSE Linux on it, with an open relay mailserver. To my defence: back in that day running an open relay mailserver was considered good mannered to offer sending capabilities to those who did not have it. After 1 year I switched from SuSE to Redhat using tarballs, ssh, tar and some serious balls. I did mention that I had no physical access to the machine – not any remote access possibility besides ssh? If it would have gone bad, well, not good.

Generation II.
Late in the year 2004 I got a new set of hardware, the first 64 bit bit CPU, even a dual-core. Sporting a huge 4gb ram and two 500gb hard disks as well as a direct 100Mbit connection it went up in matters of performance. 2004 was also the year when alpha-labs went all FreeBSD. Still installing over ssh with some selfwritten howto and without any sort of true remote access capabilities, well – safe to say it did cost me some nerves. But up to now I never regret the move to FreeBSD.

Generation III.
In 2008 new hardware was needed. This time, a Quad-Core AMD with 8gb of Ram and a dual 1TB (software)raid. Still running the same software (copied over) performance went up a lot. This was desperately required for the Jabber Server and its always increasing demand for cpu and ram.

Generation IV
Our current Server was acquired in 2012 and also has a Quad-Core AMD with 16GB ram, dual 2TB hdds. Still lacking more sophisticated remote access features, but still satisfies the power need of our current user base:

  • 1U Server
  • Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 1385 (2700.16-MHz K8-class CPU)
  • 16,384 MB RAM
  • 4,000 GB Hard disk space
  • 100 Mbit connection

it is located in a datacenter in Berlin. We utilize around 6TB Traffic per month (year averaged).